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Welcome to a world of Sheer Bliss!


 "I honour the place in you where the entire universe
dwells.  The place in you that is of love, of light,
of peace and of truth.  When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me...

   ...We are one"

If you haven't much time and just want some basic information about the massage therapy I offer head over to the In Brief page.  And if you're looking for details of my sessions in Spain that is here.  If you have some time and want to get a sense of me, my ethos and more details about the range of treatments I offer, read on and explore at your leisure...

is one of the most profound of all sensations.  It contacts us not just on the physical but also emotional and energetic levels.  Caring touch is one of few pleasurable things in the world which is also good for your health!  Even more than this, touch is a fundamental need.  A child deprived of human contact will not grow or thrive, even when all physical needs for warmth and food are met.  Whilst this effect may not be so dramatic for adults we still all need to be touched and cared for.

Modern science has now caught up with the belief, held by healers throughout time, that the mind and body are inextricably connected.  It is impossible to affect one without influencing the other.  Whilst it may be some time before the scientific community recognise the concept of spirit, I believe that this too is fundamentally connected to the body and touched through it.

This connection of mind-body-spirit means that massage is always a holistic treatment, helping us to heal on all levels.  This effect is greatly enhanced if both massage therapist and client are aware of this connection.

As a professional massage therapist, whatever treatment you choose, I aim to create a safe and supportive space in which you can feel nurtured and totally accepted.  As well as working with you during the session I may ask you to expand your body awareness in your day-to-day life and possibly to carry out some simple exercises at home.  This will greatly enhance the benefit you feel from the treatment.

My speciality is doing long, luxurious, blissfully relaxing, highly therapeutic massages that last for three to four hours.  I love nothing more than taking my time without watching the clock, giving you my full attention and focusing totally on you. Now doesn't that sound great?  Imagine how different your life would seem if you spent 3 hours of each week in a state of relaxation, calm and bliss!

main desire in working with you is to enable you to be in your body and experience a state of total relaxation and peace.  For some this will happen instantly, for others a longer process of building trust and releasing layers of tension may be required.  I look forward to traveling with you, whatever your journey.

This website gives you a taste of how I like to work and lots of details of times, prices and locations.  Do enjoy looking through it.  If you still have any questions feel free to call or email me.


The words I hear most often at the end of a first session are some variation along the lines of "That is (one of) the best massages I have ever had".  In this and other sidebars you can read comments from those who had more to say.

After 15 years in the Fitness Industry as the owner of a highly successful Personal Training business in Sydney Australia, I have been massaged by many professional massage therapists. These therapists range from masseurs for Olympic teams through to those who come with the highest recommendations from exceptional physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths. Even with this background I was astounded by the quality of therapeutic massage by Mary Lomax. Not only is Mary passionate about 3 hr massages, she uses this time to combine a myriad of different body work techniques to transform your body into a state of total renewal. Every muscle was set upon and the thought that usually enters your head “oh no, I think the time is almost up” was blissfully forgotten. Do yourself a favour and don’t wait another minute to call Mary.
Rachel Grant

Very relaxing. Very sensual. Highly recommended 
Alan Gardner

After a long haul flight from San Francisco your massage was a real treat for me. It was a tremendously nurturing and caring massage - you have a real gift. It was a great mix of Lomi Lomi and other massage methods. And it was the first time I have had such a long massage - it was 3 hours of bliss.
I hope the next time I am in London I can arrange a time to have another massage with you. It is worth the journey from San Francisco.

D W, London

  I am returning to be based full time in the UK
I am not sure exactly where I will be based but will visit London on a regular basis so if you would like to be informed of my visits sign up to my mailing list here.

You can also find details of my availability here

07971 875392 

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