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NeuroSkeletal Realignment Therapy
NSRT was developed by Diana Hunter, an Australian Chiropractor who found her patients needed repeated adjustments rather than maintaining their new posture after their Chiropractic treatments.  She researched a variety of other techniques and developed what she called Neauralign

Many conditions have been found to benefit from NSRT including neck pain, whiplash, low back pain, disc problems, sciatic pain, scoliosis, ankylosing spondilitis, cervical spondilosis, spinal injury, stroke and arthritis.   Some can be cleared with 3 to 5 sessions whilst other more chronic conditions will find pain management benefits from ongoing sessions.  If you have long standing issues and have tried many approaches NSRT could be the technique you need to unlock your body's healing instincts.

involve the gentle touch of 
my two middle fingers on specific nerve points around your pelvis, sacrum, spine, shoulder blades, neck, head and sometimes legs and arms if you have problems in these areas.  As a client you may feel very little or could have sensations of heat, pulsing or buzzing.  The treatment is totally painless and very relaxing - chances are you will drift off during the session either into sleep or some other state of consciousness.  The work is done through the clothing - or through a covering if following a massage.  There is no manipulation of joints, clicking or high velocity movements at all.

Over the next 48 hours the body will continue the process of adjustment as muscles return to their optimum functioning length and joints are realigned.  During this time it is recommended that no other treatments are utilised and no strenuous exercise preformed although normal daily activities are fine.


NSRT is something that I recommend for anyone who is experiencing regular pain and tension or who has had an accident or injury, whether that be recent or in the distant past.  Even if you are not aware of any specific misalignment, this is often the cause of chronic tension in the system.

Ideally the NSRT, which takes around an hour, is combined with deep tissue massage - either as a longer session or in a weekly alternation.  This assists with the process of releasing the tissues that continue to hold the structure out of alignment.  It also minimises the amount of stiffness and pain which can sometimes be a temporary response for one or two days following a profound treatment such as NSRT as the body processes.  A Course of 3 to 5 sessions at fortnightly intervals is recommended for most problems.

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I’m delighted with the results of the course of NSRT I’ve had from you.  I still can’t say it, certainly can’t spell
it and have no idea how it works, but it does!  Having lost sensation in one foot four years ago after a spinal anaesthetic, I had some problems adjusting to this.  Orthotics from the podiatrist helped to a certain extent, but I was getting hip and lower back twinges which I’d never had before, and also felt I didn’t walk particularly elegantly, tending to stamp a lot.  I came to you looking to make the best of my posture and movement, having given up on regaining sensation in my foot.  I was very surprised when, the morning after the first session, I had what I thought was cramp in my foot, then realised that my foot had woken up from its four-year nap!  I’d say I now have at least 90% sensation, and the podiatrists have now ok’d me to do various things – running, jumping etc – which were flagged up as unwise previously.  Quite apart from the foot, I feel I’m standing, sitting and walking better and more lightly, which is what I was always aiming to get out of the sessions.  Thank you, Mary, for the real difference this makes to my working life, and the fact that I’m much more ready to chase my twins round the park now!
A Dean

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