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 Therapeutic Body work and Deep Tissue  Massage
Therapeutic Bodywork or Deep Tissue Massage sessions are tailored to your specific needs with a thorough consultation and body reading. This approach includes specific soft tissue techniques, trigger point release and work with fascia - a connective tissue which runs through the whole body.  This work is very much about coming down into your body and really becoming aware of all that is held in the tissues.  Feedback is extremely important in this type of work and it will be most effective if you will remain active throughout.  It is wonderful for bringing you into more intimate connection with your body,  releasing long held tensions and improving posture.  

This technique generally brings great improvement in those with more serious dysfunction, whether due to injury or chronic structural or postural issues.  A daily life of sitting most of the time, working at a computer, driving long hours and caring for children can leave us holding a lot of tension in our bodies. 

Whilst working deeply into tight often painful tissues may cause some temporary discomfort I am always sensitive to your pain threshold and the techniques I use are designed to quickly reduce this pain.  It is not like many deep tissue massages during which the therapist just digs their elbow into your body as hard as they can leaving your muscles irritated and you even more aware of your aches and pains than when you began.  That being said, some stiffness the day after a deep session is perfectly normal as your body clears away toxins.
A series
of sessions is advised to change a long-
standing problem. The benefits can, however, be felt after even a single session.  Sessions last 90 to 240 minutes.  These techniques can be combined with more soothing massage to create a highly therapeutic and also deeply relaxing treatment. 

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I always arrive for my massage treatment all stressed up, anxious, with muscles that are more often than not tangled up and cry from afar to be taken care of - and Mary does just that.

Effective, calming and perceptive of each tiny ligament, she helps me leave each and every treatment with a great, peaceful smile on my face. Big thanks to her.

E.K London

I'm still buzzing everywhere. The walk home felt effortless and timeless.  All night the body being felt like it was a huge tongue relaxing, letting go of words, explanation, description....    Did you work on me for two or was it three hours and from what dimension?
This body feels like an old door opened and I stepped into another dimension. I'm absolutely amazed by what you can do and have done to me
I'm feeling enormously and deeply gifted thru your touch....undone, redone, and topped off.  I had no idea that you could do so well what you are. What your chart shows you are.

D Gidley, Guatemala

 I am returning to be based full time in the UK
I'm not sure yet where I will be based but will visit London on a regular basis so if you would like to be informed of my visits sign up to my mailing list here.

You can also find details of my availability here.
07971 875392

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