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Who Else can you recommend?
As I am out of the country much of the time I wanted to provide you with a choice of other wonderful therapists that I know and trust so that if I'm not around you can still receive some therapeutic or tender touch according to what you need.  If you would like to know more about any of the therapists below or to book a session with them just send them an email and they will get back to you.
Jag specialises in helping people to identify and resolve their physical and psychological tensions. He does this through massage therapy and bodywork along with various forms of energy healing and counselling - all with the aim of helping you through the many difficulties of life and guiding you to a place of more freedom, peace, health and well-being.
Sessions in person are based in Finchley and he also offers phone and Skype consultations.
Libby qualified as a sports massage therapist with the British School of Osteopathy, in 2015. Prior to that she worked as a personal trainer since 2012. She brings a calm and measured approach to her work along with a passion for and knowledge of the body amassed over a lifetime of sports and exercise. Regular sports and deep tissue massage assists in injury prevention and recovery, increases your awareness of your body, reduces pain and tension, allows for efficient, sustainable body movement and exercise. Your first session includes a detailed consultation and postural assessment to really focus on fixing the root of the problem rather than just soothing pain.
60 minutes £65, 90 minutes - £90

I'm currently searching for a good Lomi Lomi practitioner so check back here for updates...  Or if you know anyone else you would recommend I'm sure my other clients would appreciate it!

“I felt a deep weariness dissolve, and when Bayari soothed my chest and heart area with her caring hands, I could feel layers of emotional scar tissue and the heaviness of buried fear released in her touch, guided by divine love.” Pamela Jane Gerrard, musician and artist

More coming soon...

 I am returning to be based full time in the UK
I'm not sure yet where I will be based but will visit London on a regular basis so if you would like to be informed of my visits sign up to my mailing list here.

You can also find details of my availability here.
07971 875392

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